5 Common Paragraphs For Learners

Hello friends, I know, I am an irregular guy to you. I am sorry; I am not always connected with you because of my business. Now you are getting some paragraphs. I think these are very important to students. These paragraphs are very common in various classes. So these will be effective for you. Before these, you also got some paragraphs. These are written in simple language. From time to time, I will increase the number of paragraphs.

(1) A Good Citizen

  1. Who is a good citizen?
  2. What types of qualities should a good citizen have?
  3. What are the responsibilities does a good citizen perform?
  4. What does he do for peace and happiness in the society?
  5. How can he develop the condition of a society?

A good citizen is basically a good person. A bad, ignorant or selfish person can never be a good citizen. A good citizen is one who properly fulfils his role as a citizen of his land or society. He is fully aware of his duties and privileges to his family, locality, society and nation. The development of a nation depends on the accumulative actions of the citizens. So a good citizen is an asset to a country. First of all, he must be a patriot. He must be well known about the history of his country. He is always ready to sacrifice his life for the betterment of his country. He has respect for the heritage of his country. He celebrates all occasions with great respect which are related to his heritage. He has to obey law and order. He works to protect the unity of his country. His motherland is always in his mind. He is honest and clear in his thought. He should develop moral and mental disposition. He has a deep faith in a friendly environment. Truthfulness, smartness, honesty, reliability are the distinctive ornaments of his personality. He always tries to keep peace and calm in society. He always shows respect to others faith. He shows the same respect to the rich class as well as the poor class. He does not like any kinds of discrimination. He is always conscious about the enemies of his country. No obstacle can lessen his courage. He is against all corruption, smuggling, and black marketing etc. So, good citizens are the soul and heart of a country. To be a good citizen is not a work of overnight. This practice should be started from the house. Each and every parent should be aware so that their kids can get a suitable environment for being good citizens. We all should try to be a good citizen. As a student, I always try to be a good citizen.

(2) A Village Doctor

  1. Who is a village doctor?
  2. What is his qualification?
  3. Where is his dispensary?
  4. What types of things are found in his dispensary?
  5. How long does he work?
  6. When does he come to his dispensary and see his patients?
  7. How is he to the village people?
  8. What service does he render?
  9. What is his importance in the society?

The man who serves the villagers with medical treatment is known as a village doctor. A village doctor is a well-known and prominent figure in our society. He has a great importance in village society. He is not well-qualified. He is known as a quack. He treats the people on the basis of his long experience. He gathers his experience by working with an experienced doctor or in a medicine shop. Sometimes he completes some short medical courses which help him to run his profession. Generally, he sets his dispensary in his parlour or he rents a small room in his village market. His dispensary is not well-furnished. In his dispensary, a chair, a table, one or two worn out almirahs and one or two benches are seen. A village doctor leads a very hard and busy life. He gets ready in the morning to attend to the patients. He starts to attend his patients from early morning to late night. Sometimes he goes to private calls in the adjacent areas. He cannot get sufficient fees from his patients. He doesn’t have enough medicines and costly injections in his dispensary. Most often he gives his patients mixtures, tablets and syrups to cure their diseases. Sometimes, he prescribes wrong medicines, which cause death to some patients. Despite this, he is the most trusted person to the villagers. In villages, most of the villagers cannot come to the towns to attend an experienced doctor whenever they need. Their financial condition does not support them. So, a village doctor is a great friend to them. The villagers share their weal and woe with him. He treats them with great cordiality, sympathy and words of hope. Really, a village cannot be thought without a village doctor.

(3) The International Mother Language Day

  1. What is the 21st February?
  2. What organization declared 21st February as International Mother Language Day?
  3. When did Bangla get internationally recognition?
  4. What is the historical background of this day?
  5. Who sacrificed their lives on 21st February, 1952?
  6. What did the Pakistani rulers do to suppress Bengali language?
  7. Why is the day important in our life?
  8. What has this day brought for us?
  9. How is this day celebrated now?

Each and every person needs a language to express his views, thoughts, opinion, and emotion effortlessly. It’s a divine gift. We couldn’t get Bangla as our mother tongue overnight. In this respect, the 21st of February contains great meaning in the history of Bangladesh. This day got recognition as International Mother Language Day from UNESCO on November 17, 1999. Since then, this day is celebrated with great solemnity all over the world. So, as the Bengali nation, we cannot deny the significance of this day. In our history, the then West Pakistan added a black chapter. We were suppressed by the West Pakistan in all fields. Throughout the year of 1952, the leaders of the then West Pakistan tried to impose their unjust decision upon us. The people of all classes especially students protested seriously when they demanded Urdu to be given the status of the state language. On 21 February 1952, the police fired on a procession brought by the students at Dhaka University Campus.Some of the heroic souls- Barkat, Salam, Jabber, Rafique were killed. Every year on February 21, the whole nation pays homage to these great sons for their supreme sacrifice. The tv and radio channels broadcast special programmes on this day. This day gave a great dimension to our nation. This day awakens a feeling of patriotism in the young generation. Every year we wear a black dress and give flowers at “Shahid Mineer” to show respect for the martyrs. This day helps us to know our heritage, history, culture. No nation in this world feels proud with their mother tongue like us.

(4) Tree Plantation

  1. What is tree plantation?
  2. How do they help us?
  3. What do we get from trees?
  4. How do they maintain ecological balance?
  5. What may happen if there are no trees?
  6. What is the best time for planting trees?
  7. How can we take care of them?
  8. Why should we plant trees?

Tree plantation means planting trees in a planned way. By the expression “Tree Plantation” implies the significance and the importance of trees in our life. Our existence cannot be imagined without trees. We get varieties of fruits, which are very delicious to eat, and at the same time rich in vitamins. They supply us with various kinds of timbers which are used to make our houses, furniture, boats, buses, trucks etc and to decorate them beautifully. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen which is needed for our life. Besides these, they keep our environment cool and make it fit for comfortable living. They induce rains, prevent erosion of soil, and maintain ecological balance. They prevent all types of natural calamities. So, we should plant more or more new trees to develop our forest resources. Rainy season is the best time for planting trees. After plantation, we should take necessary care of the little plants. They can be planted on roadsides and in all educational institution. We can get trees from nursery at a cheap rate. To create awareness about the importance of trees should be created among the people. The government should increase tree plantation campaign. Besides this, tree plantation programme should be turned into a social movement.

(10) Your School Magazine

  1. What is a school Magazine?
  2. What does it contain?
  3. Who are mainly its contributors?
  4. How is the magazine committee formed?
  5. How is it published?
  6. What is its importance in school life?
  7. How does it help our young learners?

The magazine which contains the writings written by students and teachers of a school is called a School magazine. It is published once in a year. Almost every school publishes a school magazine every year. We have a school magazine named “Sottaneshone”. It reflects a school like a mirror. It expresses the creativity of the younger learners. Generally, it contains poems, short stories, articles, jokes, one-act play, riddles, and travel stories etc. To publish a magazine, at first, a committee is formed under the head of the institution. He selects two or three teachers to conduct this tough job. Writings are invited from the students and teachers. The experienced editor selects best writings. Then the writings appear to us as a magazine after the work of printing in a press. A school magazine reflects the academic and co-curricular activities of a school. In a magazine, we get the valuable speech of the principle, the honorable teachers and the creative writings of the students etc. In a magazine, we can know the result, the co-curriculum activities, the information about teachers, about other staffs etc. It lessens the boredom of everyday life of the teachers and students. It brings a sudden joy for them. It’s a treasure to them. It has many useful purposes. It helps a student to develop his power of thinking and latent faculties. It is the first step for him to become a prominent writer in future. A juvenile learner really feels proud when he finds his writing in the magazine. Day by day, it becomes a part and parcel of a school. It was a great moment for me when I found my writing in our school magazine.

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