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Educationguidebd.com is an educational blog. At first, I would like to give thank for coming here. Now, please give me few minutes to inform you why will you spend time in reading my blog?

Everything is changing in this world. Nothing is constant in this earth and everybody is curious to know what is happening around him. Based on this concept, various types of social media are gaining popularity and its range is widening in every minute. Almost everybody is interested to share his views, thought, opinion, talent, skill etc.

I am a student of English Literature. I love to read English. When I am in my class and my honorable teachers deliver their valuable speech, I feel amazing. I am very curious to learn English (Grammar, literature, language, short story, whatever is written in English) and to inform others (what I know).Now-a-days blog is a very well-known and incredible medium to create a relation to all over the world. So I have decided that I will share my thoughts, opinions, views, feelings ete.From this point of view, Educationguidebd.com was created.

I love to speak and share my thoughts, views, opinion, etc. So welcome to my world.

This blog is created specially for the Bangladeshi readers. But in future i will try to give posts which will meet up the demand of international readers.

Here you get various types of writings such as -notes of text books ( published by NCTB) made based on text books. By these notes the English version students and PSC students will be benefitted. Paragraphs ,compositions (written in standerd language),guidelines for the students of Engish Literature (specially National University of Bangladesh). Suggestions of PSC,JSC ,SSC examinations. I will also produce guidelines in different sections of our education system. I hope, from time to time I will enrich my work. I always conscious about your demand. I hope ,you always share your useful suggestions, views with me which will enrich my works.

Educationguidebd.com (well wisher of the learners)

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