English First Paper Paragraphs for the students of class Four, 2017

English First Paper Paragraphs for the students of class Four-2017

Hello, I have again come here to make easy your way of learning. In a human life, learning is a continuous process. Except institutional learning, we learn from our surroundings. From day to day, the style of learning in the educational institution is changing. It is natural and it’s the demand of time. A student has to write a paragraph in English Exam. In English first paper, the paragraphs are given based on English For Today Book. The important lesson from a unit or a poem is decided for writing a paragraph. Now it is the trend for class three to class ten. For writing these paragraphs, we can take help from our textbook. But these types of paragraphs are not available all time in many supplementary books. Those who are reading in various coaching centers, they easily get their needed items. But they are not willing to give these to their friends. It is strictly prohibited from their mothers. Now, I am giving some paragraphs which are basically for the students of class four. I think these paragraphs will help the younger learners a lot. Thanks a lot to everybody.

Names of the paragraphs given by me

  1. Traffic Rules
  2. Your Daily Routine
  3. Family Tree
  4. Holiday Trip
  5. The Weekend
  6. My Family

Traffic Rules

There are many rules for running of vehicles on the streets, these are called traffic rules. Passers-by have to obey these rules. Usually, there are three lights to conduct traffic rules. They are red, yellow and green. Each light symbolizes a rule and this is very important. Red light means stop and stop right away. Then the drivers stop their vehicles for some time. Yellow light means slow down and wait for the green. Green light means go but look both ways. Now it is the time for the passers-by and they cross the road. Traffic jam is intolerable in Dhaka city. It kills our valuable time. Everybody should maintain traffic rules properly. Narrow roads, overtaking tendency and old vehicles etc. create the traffic jam. Above all, everybody should obey traffic rules and the causes of traffic jam should be eradicated.

Your Daily Routine

A daily routine is an arrangement of the tasks of a day. As a student, I also maintain a daily routine. My mother has made it for me. A routine helps a man to finish his works properly and timely. It makes a man healthy, punctual, active and steady. On weekdays, I usually get up at 6 o’ clock and say my morning prayer. Then I prepare my lessons. After taking breakfast, I start for going to school at 9 o’ clock. My school breaks up at 3 o’ clock. From returning to school, I refresh myself by taking bath. Then I have my lunch. After taking rest for an hour, I go to the playground to play. In the evening, I sit to study. At 10 o’ clock, I watch TV for some time. Then I go to bed to sleep. My daily routine is something different in holidays. I maintain my daily routine strictly.

Family Tree

The family tree is a tree which represents the names and pictures of the members of a family. From it, we can know a family quickly. It is an imaginary tree which bears every members name of a family. I have got the idea of a family tree from our EFT book. I have already drawn a family tree. There are the names of my grandparents at the root of the tree. They are Aman Ahmed and Nazma Begum. My grandfather was a businessman and my grandmother was a housewife. They were nice persons. The middle part shows my parents name. They are Amin Ahmed and Ruma Ahmed. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. The top of the tree shows the name of the youngest person in a family. So, my name is at the top of the tree. I am Turjo Ahmed and I am a student of class four. A family tree expresses a family beautifully. The top of the tree represents the youngest member, the middle part represents his parents’ name and the root represents his grandparents’ name. A family tree is an interesting tree to express a family beautifully and quickly.

Holiday Trip

A holiday trip is going out to visit places for some days with family or friends. Usually, we visit our relative’s house or many famous places on a holiday trip. It removes monotony of our busy life. It refreshes our mind and helps to start our works with a fresh energy. A holiday trip gives us enjoyment and it is necessary not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. Winter season is the best time to go out on a holiday trip. The weather is clear and favourable in a winter season. My parents have decided that we will go on a holiday trip in December. At first, we will go to Dhaka and stay with my uncle’s family. We will visit many places in Dhaka such as National Zoo, National Memorial, Ahsan Manzil and Lalbager Kella etc. I am very excited thinking of those days. In the last year, we travelled Inani Beach, Himchari, Maheshkhali and Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar has the longest beach in the world. It’s more than 125 kilometres long. A holiday trip will be more enjoyable if we will go with our family. It has some educative value. It changes our attitude to life and makes our mind broad. Everybody should go on a holiday trip. It refreshes our mind which is essential to go ahead.

The Weekend

The Weekend means leisure period. Generally we spend our weekend from Friday to Saturday in Bangladesh. In a weekend, we don’t go to school. So, a weekend brings joy for us. My daily routine is changed a little in a weekend. In a weekend, I get up from bed at 8 am. Generally, I eat delicious breakfast that day. After eating, I sit to study. After having lunch, I get more time to play in a weekend. So, I go to the playground to play with my friends. In a weekend, my father tries to pass more time with us. Sometimes, he takes us with him to visit many places. I think, this is the most attractive part of a weekend to me. If we are at home in a weekend, my mother makes delicious snacks. Sometimes, my uncle’s family joins with us. In the evening, I don’t have any pressure to read in a weekend. A weekend helps to begin our works again. It enriches our family bond. Everybody should enjoy weekend properly.

My Family

I am Turjo. I am from Dhaka. I’m nine years old. I read in class four. I live with my family. I live with my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. The name of my father is Rumon Ahmed. He is a businessman. He can’t pass a lot of time with us because he is very busy. The name of my mother is Lubna Ahmed. She is a Housewife. She manages our family in a proper way. She helps me in preparing my lessons. She makes very delicious food items for us. My Grandfather is Amin Ahmed. He was a teacher but he doesn’t work now. He tells interesting stories and passes time with me. My grandmother is Sufia Ahmed. She was a housewife. Now she helps my mother in various works. I am very happy with my family and we are a happy family.

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