Essential paragraphs for students part-1

What is Paragraph?
The paragraph is a very common item for writing in English exam. The paragraph is a short description on a particular topic. In a paragraph, generally, we write a definition, description, the positive and negative sides, impacts, result etc of the particular topic. The subjects of a paragraph are many like- famous persons, descriptions of historical places, description of personal feelings, about pet animals, particular day, national occasions of a country etc.
Day by day the subjects of a paragraph are changing. But the acceptance of this item is not decreased. Rather it’s increasing. I am giving some paragraphs which are not available in books. If anybody will need paragraph please, inform me. I deliberately increased the length of my given paragraph, if anyone wants, use these as Composition. At the case of a paragraph, please lessen the length.

Greenhouse Effect or Climate Change or Global Warming
The Greenhouse effect is one of the burning issues of the world. It has a deep relation with climate change and global warming. The greenhouse effect is the gradual global warming of the world. The greenhouse is fully made of glass. In cold countries, this house is used to grow flowers, vegetables and plants etc. The heat received from the sun is trapped by the glass. As a result, the inside of this house remains warm in comparison of the outside temperature. The atmosphere of the earth works like glass. At daylight the earth’s surface gets warm. Gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and water vapour exist in the atmosphere. They absorb some heat of the sun. These gases are called greenhouse gases. These gases are increasing at an alarming rate for contamination. Thus the temperature is increasing swiftly. So we can say that there is an interrelation among these three terms. The climatologists predict a great disaster which is enough for destroying this planet. There are numerable reasons for increasing greenhouse gases such as- burning of fossil fuel, using coal, oil, chemicals and pesticides, cutting down forests, creating smokes, etc. The ice is melting of two poles, the sea level is rising and river erosion, flood, tsunami, cyclone etc visit us frequently. To save our existence, we have to lessen the use of fossil fuel, the cutting of forests, and the misuse of energy. We should stop various types of pollution. Many developed countries have already shown their interests to prevent rapid changing of climate. We should plant more and more trees and increase our consciousness over this serious issue. Above all, the earnest attempt of all can save us from the ensuing calamity.

Bangladeshi Culture and Western Culture
Culture represents a whole nation and everything which are involved to the country. It works like a mirror on which the nation reflects itself. It signifies the ways of life, moods, behaviour, customs, habits, and occasion etc. It upholds the inner and outer picture of a society. Bangladeshi culture is   famous all around the world. We are hospitable and broad minded nation. Bangladesh is the only nation who gave supreme sacrifice to save their language. This event upheld our sacrificing and struggling aspect to the world. Our traditional dresses are ‘Sharee’ and ‘Lungi’. On the contrary, in western countries, the foreigners feel comfort by wearing Jeans and Shirt. In villages, we start our days with rice, curry and smashed potato. This picture is different in cities and towns. Here days start with a hot coffee and tea with slices of bread and vegetable. But the foreigners begin their morning with snacks, sandwich etc. Among us, the family bonding is still high. Parents take the decision in every sphere of their children’s life. But in foreign countries, after eighteen years, children are free in their life. Most of the parents pass isolated life.  But we always like to gather together. We are simple, delighted, and helpful in our attitude. We observe ‘21st February’, ‘16th December’, and ‘Pahela Baishakh’ as our national occasion. ‘Palligeeti’, ‘Jari’, ‘Shari’, ‘Vatiali’ and patriotic songs are connected with our roots. But the foreigners feel good with pop and rock songs. Our poetry and literature depict the beauties of our green nature. Above all, culture reflects the tastes, manner, courtesy, minds and intellectuality etc of a society. It is fearful that our culture is being replaced by the western culture. Forgetting roots brings extinction. So we should nourish our culture with great care.

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