Essential paragraphs for students part-3

Essential paragraphs for students part-3

Importance of Media
Media (plural form of medium) means the mass communication especially radio, television, newspapers and the internet etc. With the progress of time, we got Fm radios, social media such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Orkut etc which have brought revolutionary changes in the world. It works as a mirror of society. Without media, we cannot find our existence in the modern world. Media has various purposes. We can know the latest affairs, news, gossip, fashion etc through media. It entertains, educates us and at the same time changes outlooks, controls our lives.One of the major duties of the media is to serve the current and the accurate happening around the world such as science, technology, education, business, politics, glamour world, health, economics, agriculture, music, finance, banking, weather etc. It makes a relation between the politicians and the people. People get the chance to know the details about their leaders. Media serves now as a teacher. We can gather any sort of information from the internet whenever and wherever we need. Tips, video clips, tutorials, books, suggestions, articles etc everything can be found on the internet. From these, a man can choose his path and right profession for his life. We need public awareness to overcome any kind of problems like political, social, religious, economic, environmental etc. Media has made this job easy and fast obtainable. Now no one is feeling loneliness. Everyone is able to share his views, opinion, suggestion, comment etc which accelerate the positive changes in the society. Sometimes media serves biased and fake news. Despite having negative sides we cannot deny the importance of media.

Price Hike
(a) What is price hike?
(b) What are the causes of it?
(c) What is the impact of it in our society?
(d) Who are the worst sufferers of it?
(e) How can it be controlled?
Price hike means the exceeding increase of the price of almost all the daily necessaries. Now it is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. There are many reasons behind it. The first and chief reason is over population. We cannot produce enough food for our increasing mass. Dishonest persons create artificial hoarding for their profit, as a consequence people face the breakdown in the supply of products. Smuggling and black marketing are also responsible for this. Flood, drought, excessive rainfall and fault in communication system accelerate this problem. Now hartal is becoming the great problem for rising price in our country. This is created by the so called politicians who are selected by the people .But after selection they call hartal and strike for the benefit of their party. But they say that it is done for the betterment of the country. The impacts of the price hike are many on society. It decreases our living standard. It is the main problem of every country on the way of development. The poor are becoming poorer. The numbers of beggars are being increased. The young society is going to the path of evil for managing their livelihood. We should overcome this problem at any cost. Dishonest men must be punished. Evil policies must be stopped. The ruling party and the opposite party should think about the country and they have to create political stability. The farmers should be given easy loans. Above all, the people should conscious and raise movements against all obstacles.

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