Essential paragraphs for students part-4

Essential paragraphs for students part-4

Necessity of Learning English
English is the most living language in the world. It is widely used and accepted as media of international communications. Most of the people in the world use it to communicate with the people of other countries. If we know English we can live and move in the foreign countries without any difficulty. It is the official and semi-official language in more than 60 countries. Most of the international organisations conduct their meeting and correspondence in English.

So the necessity of learning English is not a hyperbole in the age of globalisation. It opens windows to the entire world. Secondly, being fluent in English is certainly a plus point in today’s globalised world. In the job market, English is given more priority. Learning English offers us opportunities to get a good job. Above all, anybody willing to get a higher education in science and technology or, any other subject in a foreign university needs to have the knowledge of English. World literature culture, sports, politics, geographical locations and the latest updates are made available in the English language. Today more than 80% of all the information in the world’s computers is in English. To get any information from internet English is a must. Again all, academic books are written in English. Without the English language, the present world could not reach its present heights. Moreover, a student must have efficiency on the skills of English to do well in the exam. Actually, the importance of learning English is undeniable for its benefits the world population is gaining.

Traffic Jam
1.What is traffic jam?
2.Where does it usually happen?
3.When does it usually happen?
4.What are the reasons of traffic jam?
5.What problems do the people face for it?
6.How can these problems be solved?
When too many vehicles try to move along a street or a road at a time, but they cannot, it is called traffic jam. From elder to children, everybody is familiar with it. It is a very common scenery and great problem in big cities and towns in our country. In Dhaka, this problem seems to us intolerable .The reasons of traffic jam are many. The foremost reason is that in proportion to our population we cannot increase the number of roads. At the same time, our existing roads are narrow and scanty. In Dhaka city, the rickshaw- pullers keep their rickshaws here and there, often block the roads and create the traffic jam. Most of the rickshaw-pullers are illiterate and ignorant of traffic rules, they don’t want to obey the traffic rules .Again most of the drivers in our country are not well trained and they drive their vehicle at their sweet will. Wrong parking, unnecessary overtaking, public meeting, procession, and illegal businesses on the pavement are also responsible for the traffic jam. We have to wait for several hours on the streets because of the traffic jam. It kills our valuable time and hampers our work. Many people fail to attend their office and workplace in time. The patients and examinees are the worst sufferers, sometimes traffic jam bring terrible changes in their lot. To overcome this problem, the existing roads should be broadened. We have to make the flyover at the important places where traffic jam frequently occurs. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. Unlicensed vehicles should be banned. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on important points. Besides theses, traffic rules should be enforced. After doing all these things we can hope to have a good traffic system in our country which accelerates our progress as a nation.

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