Top Most Popular Govt And Private Jobs Website In Bangladesh

How To Get Best Govt And Private Job In Bangladesh

In this article, you will learn how to use jobs website, to get the better job in Bangladesh. This article is very important for newbies. Most of the new job seekers do not know how to apply job using job portals and what is the best way to get the best job. In this article, I try to show top most popular Govt and private job website and job portals in Bangladesh.

Now Bangladesh is not only Bangladesh, it’s called Digital Bangladesh. Because of you find jobs in online and you can apply for jobs in online. Now at this time many job portals published on online, but which is the best job websites in Bangladesh. I give you some job websites address here, which is the most popular and authentic.

Note: Most of the companies, jobs circular disclose in online job portals. To get a better job, you have to visit job portals or job websites regularly.

Ok Let’s start, what is the requirement?

  • An email account (Gmail, Yahoo mail
  • Resume
  • Job cover latter
  • Picture
  • Cell phone number.
  • NID card, Especially for Government jobs

Government Jobs Website

Are you a Government job enthusiast? Then this articles for you. Government jobs are the best way to create the better career but it is not easy to get. If you want to do something better than other persons, you have to optimistic and try again and again. Generally, the Government job is very competitive and on the other hand, you are don’t know, what is the process and what is the rules, and how to find Government jobs in Bangladesh. In several ways, you find Government jobs, I have given below.

1. PSC (Public Services Commission)

Bangladesh Public Service Commission is a Govt organization, where disclosed all types of govt jobs circular. PSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission) recruitment all type of govt jobs, like Cadre (BSC), Non-Cadre and others according to the constitution of Bangladesh. What are the rules of Exam? And Exam date, Exam result all information is published on the PSC website. Click here for go to home page of PSC.

2. Government Job Portals

This Govt portal is helpful, who want to quickly Govt job. Basically, you find here all type of Non-cadre jobs, like ministry jobs Govt organization and educational institution. I am the devotee of this portal this is the best way to find the Govt jobs. Click here for go to job categories.

Private Job Websites

1. is a leading private online job portal in Bangladesh. I am a fan of this portal. When I apply the first time it was happiness for me, because of I get an offer for an interview. Someone says to me that most of the times they do not respond.

I don’t believe it; is very popular and authentic. If you apply proper way I hope you get a job. Now it is time to share some information about this portal, approximately 1,10,000 job seekers visit this website daily. Other interesting matters that create 12000+ Corporate Accounts in So you can understand easily it is the best way for you.

You can apply two ways in, one is you can create your resume by Microsoft Word and other is you can create your resume by Let’s see how to apply for jobs with proper way.

You can apply for jobs in two different ways using by Create your resume using bdjobs account.

You can apply for jobs in two different ways using by Create your resume using bdjobs account. And another option is you can create your resume using Microsoft Word.

Let’s see the first option

Step 1:
Firstly you have to inter, and then clicks create the account, you can see the top of the right.

When you click to create the account, then you see the image of below. There are two methods, general and special skilled. According to your qualification, you will create your account. Firstly I want to show you general category.

bdjobs account

Step 2:
You will get the following page to create your account at first you have to click on create button above the image. Then you fill up the blank form with necessary information.


Step 3:
Now you have to create your resume using admin panel after creating the account. You can many things hare like edit resume, view resume and given the image below. You can upload your resume which you make by Microsoft word.

bdjobs user admin panel

Step 4:
After finished step 3 you have created an account and makes resume using admin panel. Now I am showing you how to apply jobs using your bdjobs account.
Now go to, you can see that there are many categories of jobs. According to your qualification, you can apply for jobs.

For example, if you are an IT Engineer then you click the IT & Telecommunication link in the categories. After that, you find many IT relatives jobs in these pages. In these pages, you get a different type of IT position jobs, According to your qualification. Click job title link and Reade carefully which job you want to apply, if you meet these requirements then you can apply for this job.

In jobs circular page you see that there are many kinds of requirements for job seekers like Job Description / Responsibility, Educational Requirements, Experience Requirements, Job Requirements and many more. Now it is time to apply for a job, at the bottom of this page you can see two options like apply online and send your CV to company email address. The image is given below.

bdjobs apply


  • Create bdjobs Account
  • Sign in
  • Create Resume
  • Upload Your Resume
  • Apply


  • is a popular job website portal in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, you find many weak job portals on online but this website is authentic for find good jobs of your better career. Approximately more than thousand of visitor visit daily this site and more than thousand of Corporate Accounts listed on this website.
  • is my favorite job website basis of Bangladesh and this is very constructive like When you enter this site you notice that all listed jobs show in categories basis.
  • Let’s start how to apply before I show that you how to apply jobs using, this is the same process firstly you have to create your account on then you can apply.
  • Click the register link right side of the following image.
chakri account

  • Fill up the registration form according to your CV
  • Enter details
  • Storage your password safely
  • Click continue button
chakri account from

  • After completing the registration
  • Login to
  • Create your CV
  • Upload Your CV

I hope you have done all, Next step to apply for jobs.

  • Go to Home page
  • Click your relevant job links on categories list according to your qualification
chakri job categories

In most of the companies given email or website link for the apply job but some of the circular need to log in to the applicable job.

3. is not like a or, it is a website you can buy or sells any kind of things but you find your jobs here. Who needs to part-time job and skill job not professional job like an engineer, a teacher I think this is the best job website in Bangladesh.

If you want to job after SSC and HSC I recommend you always that this is the best job website in Bangladesh. In my experience, I say that you can find the easily entry-level job as a supervisor or many more.
Without registration, you cannot job apply lets how to registration, go to you can see top the right Login button.

When you click Login options then you get new page sing up after you will find the following image.
In the following image, there have two methods for registration, you can be used your Facebook account or Gmail account.

bikroy job website

If you click to sign up using the email you will get registration page like this.

bikroy sinup page

Fill up all necessary information for registration.

  • Store your password safely
  • Login to your account
  • Create a resume for your jobs

Let’s start how to apply before I show that you how to apply job using and, this is the same process firstly you have to create your account on

  • Go to Home page
  • Click the job in Bangladesh link
  • I have given the following image
bikroy job categories

When you will click the button on jobs in Bangladesh, then you get new pages and you see that there have many jobs as listed.
Now it is time to apply for the job, choose a job according to your qualification. After that, you get the following the image.

bikroy job appy page

Firstly you have to Login on, and then you have to click on the button to apply for this job. Your resume will be sent the email of the company automatically.


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