JSC Suggestion on English Paragraph and Bangla Essay 2018

Hello candidates of JSC exam, you are passing a hardy time. Your exam will be held on 1st November, 2018. So you are very busy now. Please don’t be upset. Keep in faith and attend your exams. I think you are well prepared for your exams. Be careful about your health and not to take any cold and junk food items. Any sickness at this time can spoil your labor. I believe that you are enough learned and conscious. Now I want to share some guidelines for Bangla and English exams. And at the same time, I would like to give you a very short suggestion for English paragraphs and Bangla essay.

I think, the following points will help you to increase numbers in both papers. I hope that it will be effective. Best wishes for all.

  1. Don’t do spelling mistakes and make your writings hazy.
  2. Don’t make your answers long. Keep your mind that relevant and accurate answers will present you to the examiner.
  3. Before going to an exam hall, distribute your time and try to finish your answer within your desired time.
  4. After starting an answer, if you see that your time is short, then try to finish that answer in short.
  5. Take clear conception on Bangla poems and prose. In creative questions, you have to explain your answers and find similarity and dissimilarity between two poems and prose. Keep in minds that what the writers have said through their writings.
  6. In English, avoid spelling mistakes. To make correct answers, make your knowledge sharp on vocabulary. Grammar and vocabulary have no alternative.

You have already completed your preparations on English paragraphs and Bangla essays. I believe that my list will enrich your preparation. You just take clear conceptions on the following items.

English Paragraphs

  1. Load Shedding
  2. School Library
  3. The Street Accident
  4. Tea Stall
  5. The Importance of Learning English
  6. Traffic Jam
  7. A Village Fair
  8. A Rainy Da

Bangla Suggetion on Essay

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