New and Reformed Syllabus of JSC by NCTB, 2018

NCTB has published new and reformed syllabus of JSC. We all are already informed that 200 marks have been reduced from JSC syllabus and Before this decision, we were passing a hazy situation. After finishing of five months of 2018, we have heard this type of decision. Some of us have given their opinion that it will make a pressure on JSC and JDC candidates and leave negative impacts on the minds of candidates. They won’t get enough time to prepare themselves for ensuing exams.

But NCTB has already published the new syllabus and sample questions for the candidates. So our thoughts have ended. I think it is good for us to have a clear conception on new syllabus and to start study for the exam. This new syllabus will be applicable in 2018, 2019 and 2000.

I think it’s a better decision for candidates.100 marks have been decided for 2 papers in Bengali and English. Candidates will have to attend seven exams.
Final marks distribution

  1. Bangle – 50 for each of the paper.
  2. English- 50 for each of the paper.
  3. Math- 100
  4. Bangladesh and Global Studies-100
  5. General Science-100
  6. Religion- 100
  7. ICT (Information Communication Technology)- 50

Detailed and reformed syllabus for candidates
Now we can say that major changes have been brought for Bengali and English subjects. NCTB has said approximately 33 percent syllabus has been lessened in average in Bengali. Anondopath has totally deducted from Bengali. The board has decided 10 prose and 10 poems for candidates. So it’s a big matter to have a clear idea on the eliminated topics.

In English, some lessons were eliminated from English for Today. Unit 3, 4 and 8 are deducted from your syllabus. For grammar, the fixed grammar items are- Speech, Punctuation, Articles.
Changing sentences (Voice, Sentence, Interrogative, Affirmative, Negative, and Exclamatory), and Suffixes and Prefixes.
The following grammar items are excluded-
Grammar items: Degree of comparison, gerund, and participle, modals, linking words, summary writing, completing story.

I think we should welcome the new and reformed question patterns and NCTB has deducted the additional lessons from your syllabus and it will be helpful. I have written this article based on the corrected syllabus by NCTB. So this is authentic and 100 percent reliable and there is no chance of making confusion. My effort will lessen your thoughts and give an effective impression for your exam. Best wishes for all.
Now it’s your turn to have a clear idea on your new question pattern and move on with your study with full enthusiasm.

Now I think no question will arise to your mind. You will get new syllabus and sample questions by NCTB.

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