PSC-Notes of-Elementary-Science 2017

PSC Notes of Elementary Science: 2017

Hello friends, after a long time, I come here. In 2015, I gave some easy solution of two subjects (Elementary Science, Bangladesh and Global Studies) of class five which was effective for English Version students. I got some comments which were also inspiring. But I couldn’t continue. Sorry for my irregularity.
At present, I want to start my works again. As before, I will give some easy solution fully based on main texts. I hope you will get all chapters’ solution of these two subjects gradually. The students don’t want to learn complicated answers delivered by many coaching centers and guide books. The length of the answers is too long and delivered in tough language. At this case, I can assure you that my solution of the chapters will be relevant and easy to learn.
About PSC Exam
Some guardians were against of PSC exam. Their opinion was that the students of class five are too young for appearing in a board exam. But it is now evident that the learners are showing their best talent in the result. The guardians become more conscious when their children appear in class five. The students also become thoughtful about their exam. I think, the students can build up a strong basic because they read their subjects with great care in class five. So this exam is very essential.

Some important characteristics are given below that give a complete picture of my works.

  1. Main text has no alternative. It helps us to get an idea in simple language. My works are fully based on main text.
  2. I do not increase the length of answers unnecessarily. The language is simple to understand.
  3. We all know that some answers demand figures and it will help you to get better marks in science.
  4. You will get figures when these are necessary. It means that you will get the idea when it is necessary for you to draw a picture with an answer.
  5. At present, the teachers do not like memorized answers. We all are trying to go out from this tradition.
  6. The students are inspiring to write independently relevant answer which proves their creativity. So I tried to produce answers based on main text which are not beset with extra words. And irrelevant.
  7. You strongly need an overall idea about a chapter. Because you have to answer MCQ, short answered questions, and creative descriptive answered questions. So I made my solutions in such a way in which no single line of a chapter is left.
  8. I included every line as a short question or descriptive type question that helps you to bring full marks in MCQ.
  9. After all, no one of us is complete in this Earth. So I hope, you will accept my faults with great consideration. And please inform me my faults, I will try to remove this.

Some suggestions for students who would like to get good result in PSC exam.

  1. Read and understand main text properly.
  2. Memorize the important points.
  3. Creative questions will be set from the main text but not directly taken from your main text. So read main texts and develop your perception to answer creative questions.
  4. Face exams frequently which gives you courage but the questions must be made based on the main book.

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